?? Biography


Actor-performer-comedian Martha Hannah has performing and joke telling in her blood. ???I come from a long line of characters that were great tellers and hilarious,??? she says, ???I was blessed with my grandmother, Roxie, who had a grand sense of the lyrical and dramatic telling of a story. She was a natural comedian. My father had a dry sense of humor with a delicious compulsion to tease and tell jokes.???

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Martha???s Golden Gloves champ dad taught her how to box at age 6. She made her debut on stage in a first-grade play as ???Chicken Little??? with a paper bag chicken costume over her head. She fell in love with performing in high school which led her to earn a B.F.A. in Theater & Art from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. Martha signed with her first talent agents in Nashville and Atlanta many years ago, but now lives in Austin, Texas, continuing her career as a working actor.

Most recently Martha has appeared in the film shorts ???Pasadena??? and ???Mama???s Christmas Tree??? and completed a 2-year on-camera program with A Working Group Actors Conservatory at Brock-Allen Casting in Austin. As a touring performing artist, she has toured extensively on the Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mid-America Arts Alliance Arts??Commissions??? touring rosters.