The Ghost of Hampton Court
By Martha Hannah

“What a marvelous book! I love it so much! I could go on and on about all the things I love about it. I just pore over those beautiful illustrations. I particularly like the one in which Catharine is heading to the chopping block (I love that interesting perspective). The moodiness that permeates the book certainly leads up to that magnificent ghost picture. Gives me the chills right now to think about it. I'm ready for the second in the series.”
Rosalind Eyre, District Lead Librarian
Beaumont ISD, Beaumont, Texas

" 'The Ghost of Hampton Court' does an incredible job of storytelling. It has a lot of cinematic appeal and needs to be on the PBS channel. It's a good example of the use of higher level thinking skills which encourage higher level reading.”
Lisa Youngblood, Director
Harker Heights Public Library, Harker Heights, Texas

“Contains good historical information and excellent illustrations. Boy was King Henry VIII a mean guy! When he got mad at a wife he would get rid of her, and sometimes that meant chopping off her head. I would recommend this picture book to people age 12 and under. I would not recommend it to faint-hearted readers. This is the first book in the series and I am curious to see what comes next.”
Reader Views - Ben Weldon (age 10)

“I enjoyed reading your book and laughed out loud at the testimonials on the back! Really clever and hilarious! As the Brits say, "Well done, both of you!”
Dr. Philancy Holder, Author and Art History Professor
Clarksville, Tennessee & Cortona, Italy

“The book is beautiful. I read it to my students and they were crazy about it. I really think you have a hit!!!”
Connie Edwards, 4th Grade Teacher
Brown Elementary, Hendersonville, Tennessee

"Wonderful job on the book. It is a fantastic story- I love the storytelling approach!"
Dianne de Las Casas, Author
Harvey, Louisiana

“The book is wonderful! I love it. And it is so beautifully illustrated."
Pat Paraino, Librarian 
Price Elementary, Beaumont, Texas




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