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An Evening of Medieval Ghost Stories & Jokes with Martha Hannah at Bar None Coffee in Georgetown, Texas

November 1, 2007 by Martha Hannah
Okay, so you’ve got this beautiful and ever so tastefully decorated cozy coffee shop, Bar None Coffee that’s niche (not kitch) that makes the most delicious lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, hot chocolate and whatever you want just the way you want it. Add the mischievous Maid Martha, Medieval Comedienne me and a stream of people that kept coming in the door until we had standing room only. Mix in my evening of Medieval ghost stories and jokes, and even more jokes, to this packed house and what have you got? A hilarious evening! Did I say we had fun? Yep, we had fun! I love laughter, don't you?  Larry was with me, of course, so we also did a bit of book signing for our book, ‘The Ghost of Hampton Court’. New & proud grandparents, Chuck & Linda Silva, who lovingly own & manage Bar None (the best coffee anywhere bar none!) and make those delicious drinks, want us back, so I’ll be there again in December to perform – this time with a splash of Christmas! Yippee!
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