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It's Been a Whirlwind Year

October 17, 2007 by Martha Hannah

Hello, Everyone,

Did you know ‘blog' is Medieval? One, it rhymes with grog (very important) and, two, I once knew a Festival performer, ‘Blog’ of ‘Smee & Blog, The Singing Executioners’. A chopping good act! As I always say, we are still so Medieval.

It’s been a whirlwind year. I have to check my calendar to see where I’ve been as the time flies by. For all of you that know me, life is never dull and something always happens. Like the time a jeep hit our house and killed the front porch or, most recently, when I took up the extreme sport called ‘walking’. My broken right wrist is healed now, but for weeks, I’ve been ‘winged with bling’. A multitude of stick-on rhinestones decorated my black splint and kept up my spirits. It proves that one can always dress well, no matter the occasion, even if it does make you look like you have a pirate’s claw while in Medieval costume.    

Great news - Larry and I both have dazzling new websites. Thank you, I’m glad you noticed. Please check out my new biography on this site. You’ll learn things you never knew about me and if you’ve ever wondered what I looked like when I was six (I really often wonder that about people, don’t you? Or when they were ten?), you’ll see my first grade photo. Visit our publishing company, CicadaSun’s newly revamped website: We’re working steadily ahead with our publishing company and are in production on author, Rose Williams’ fabulous tongue-in-cheek Classic history ‘Gods & Other Odd Creatures’.

This year I’ve been traveling across Texas and Tennessee with Larry doing countless school and community performances, evening dinner theatre, author and illustrator visits and book signings while promoting our book, ‘The Ghost of Hampton Court’. It’s been wonderful to meet kind and generous people everywhere we go and have my belief reaffirmed that everyone likes to laugh and that no joke is too old. This summer Larry and I conducted a great Interactive E-book Workshop for the summer reading program at Harker Heights Library. What a joy to teach techno cutting edge creativity that motivates students to write and create projects that make their words come alive. Anyone with a tech grant? We’ve got just the workshop!

In the spring I loved doing many author visits in Austin area schools courtesy of the Writers League of Texas’ Project WISE and received an enthusiastic response. This week I’ll be performing for the lovely people in Amarillo at Fannin Middle Schools History Fest and soon after appearing at Bar None Coffee in Georgetown near Halloween (my favorite time of year) to do ghost stories & jokes. In November I’ll emcee at the famous Texas Book Fest and later Larry and I will participate in a SCBWI book fair at Barnes & Noble. Next I’ll perform my dinner theatre show in Leon Valley as a library fundraiser. Click on ‘Calendar’ on the side menu to see the different locations where we’ve been and details and locations of what’s coming up.

For those of you who know me well – I know you’d want to hear about our dear Goldie, who does that fantastic one-eyed wink. She is slowing down with a disc problem in her back. Of course at 85, that’s only natural, but hard to think of when I look into those gentle big brown eyes. Larry, Goldie and I take very slow walks and treasure our time together while I make up rhyming songs about Goldie as we walk along to make her laugh.

Until our next visit - Meanwhile here’s wishing you the best and that you each go out and find the most fun you can get into today!

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