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Martha Hannah Performs at Amarillo’s Fannin M S History Fest

October 25, 2007 by Martha Hannah

Onstage and performing at Fannin Middle School’s History Festival – what fun! And what a large festival with an enormous 1,500 in attendance! History, from the Middle Ages, American Revolution, Civil War, WWII and on, was well represented, articulated and exemplified by musicians, performers and re-enactors including myself as Maid Martha. It was the largest such festival, in all my twenty years of performing and conducting workshops through arts commissions’ touring programs, that I’ve seen a school present, let alone a small school. Impressive! Kudos to all the hardworking teachers, students and staff at Fannin!

Performing there was great fun, but in addition, all our hosts went above and beyond the call of duty. As a result  Amarillo will always remain dear in our hearts. Larry and I were greeted by smiles and generosity beginning with a warm welcome at the airport. We were shown the best of Amarillo and its many wonderful restaurants and given a sweet farewell before catching our flight home.

First and foremost, I send a great thank you to Ali Tiegs, Education Coordinator at the fabulous Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts! She worked diligently for a year to find the right school to bring me in to and to secure a matching Texas Commission on the Arts grant. Ali heads the center’s Wider Window on the World program which offers fantastic arts-in-education opportunities for Amarillo’s schools. Listen to me now – this is a definite don’t miss it - If ever you are in Amarillo, do not miss the chance to visit the performing arts center. It is a rare jewel and a performer’s dream. To say it is unique in its design, is an understatement. To simply say it is one of a kind, minimizes its beauty. And especially if you are a Texan, you will love it! Don’t miss it!

Our many thanks to Fannin’s Julie Greene, Librarian & History Fest Director and Shona Rose-Besselman, Curriculum Coordinator and her husband, Curt. Your warmth and thoughtfulness will always be remembered. And big smile to Mary Emeny & Hunter for your hospitality. We had fun! A big hug to Mary Poirot McWaters for being the wonderful you that you are. And, of course, to the backbone of the arts in Texas – thank you, Anina Moore and the Texas Commission of the Arts for endorsing such a wonderful event!

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