Rediscovering the Joy of Creativity
Free Your Staff's Imagination!

In this rejuvenating workshop teaching artist & zany comedienne Martha Hannah inspires & motivates educators. She gives them a fresh point of view on how to make words come alive for their students. Martha creates a fun & inviting environment in which they can relax, laugh & learn.

Martha Hannah layers her street savvy knowledge of the K-college classroom with her thought-provoking advocacy on how arts replenish the soul & cultivate social & critical thinking skills. She uses jokes, songs, story performance & personal tales from working with countless students to illustrate the process. Martha stirs it all up with an abundance of audience participation & laughter.

Perfect for staff development

Utilizes a unique variety of joke, storytelling & writing techniques & fun theatre arts activities, music & movement

Teaches creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, confidence & teamwork

Models effective multi-level teaching methods

Workshop Length
One to three hour Introductory, One-day &
extended Staff Development Seminars available

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