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Brilliantly creative, the hilarious Martha Hannah has story performance and joke telling in her blood. “I come from a long line of characters that were long-winded and funny,” she says. Martha comes from the deep, rich heritage of a large Scotch-Irish clan that came to America in the early 1700’s and settled in Tennessee. “I was blessed with my grandmother, Mama Roxie, who had a grand sense of the lyrical and dramatic telling of an event. She was a natural comedienne. My father always had a delicious compulsion to tease and tell jokes. His mother, Nanny, early on introduced me to a fascination with ghost stories and a belief in the unseen.”
Performer, Comedienne, Author, Speaker, and Teaching Artist, Martha brings her wry sense of humor and mischievous brand of wit to her performances and writing. Her extensive professional theatre career covers many years of performing on stage, in dinner theatre, improv, standup, radio and industrials and film with numerous commercials to her credit.

Throughout the years Martha has performed for such venues as University of the Ozarks’ Seay Theatre Walton Series, Alliance Performing Arts Center, The Big Country Dinner Theatre’s Crawford Theatre, The Poncan Theatre, Galveston’s The Grand 1894 Opera House, Arts Center for the Ozarks, JB Speed Museum & Nashville’s Broadway Dinner Train.
For over twenty-five years, as a touring performance artist, Martha Hannah has performed on touring rosters for the Tennessee Arts Commission, Kentucky Center for the Arts, Leonard-Bernstein Center-Nashville Institute of the Arts and North Carolina’s Spirit Square. Currently Martha is a performing artist on touring rosters with the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Mid-America Arts Alliance.  She’s also on the touring roster for the Writers League of Texas' Project WISE and a member of Austin Creative Alliance.

Martha is the author of ‘The Ghost of Hampton Court’, an illustrated book and audio book.
She continues to write plays, shows, short stories, novels and songs. She has presented her original work on countless stages, in dinner theatre, on radio and television and for sundry events and venues. She's a member of Writers League of Texas and SCBWI.

As a teaching artist and avid arts-in-education advocate, Martha has toured with many state and regional arts organizations performing and teaching action-packed, multi-media oriented and participation-based learning, theatre, workshops and motivational and creativity seminars. As an artist-in-residence and performer, Martha has written and developed a myriad of workshops and performances and performed for and taught tens of thousands of students and educators.



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