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 "Martha has the enviable gift of being able to address and relate to students of all ages, and I have watched her pull into participation the most unlikely students (particularly on the high school level).  Her performances are funny and entertaining but also educational, and every time I catch one of her performances I learn new things.  She, of course, focuses on higher order thinking skills. While she is presenting, she also involves the teachers, and she models behavior and activities that they can carry back to their own classrooms to use. I can’t recommend her highly enough."
Rosalind Eyre
District Lead Librarian
Beaumont Independent School District

Whatever the group, whatever the workshop, Martha believes, “First you must teach the ‘love of learning’.” She demonstrates any subject can be taught with the arts!

For 3rd grade thru college, educators and adults, Martha offers unique performance-oriented, participation-based residencies and workshops which are cross-curriculum, multi-discipline, inclusive and interactive.

Great for English & World Literature & History, Speech & Drama, Art History and Gifted & Talented. Fun participatory activities

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Motivational Staff Development workshop which utilizes a unique variety of joke, storytelling & writing & theatre activities

Teaches creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, confidence & teamwork

Models effective multi-level teaching methods to help educators make words come alive for students.

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   Thinking on Your Feet  

Martha's fun, participatory cross-curriculum workshop for elementary students. With theatre games and improvisation, she helps students free creative thought and build confidence. This workshop encourages writing and reading and teaches good social skills.

   Artist in Residence  

Martha's also available as an artist in residence. For over 25 years she has conducted energetic and imaginative workshops for countless schools and thousands of students. She offers arts integrated, improvisational and creative theatre workshops for third grade and above elementary school, middle school and high school students.



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